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Press Releases

October 2018 – Postive phase 2 clinical trial results

October 2016 – NovioSense announces successful clinical trial and fourth investment round

July 2015 – Gentag, Mayo Clinic, NovioSense and Fraunhofer Join forces

November 2014 – Issue of First NovioSense Patent 

NovioSense Introduction

NovioSense is finger prick glucose reinvented. The NovioSense platform consists of a flexible spring like sensor unit connected to two microchips developed by NovioSense and Fraunhofer.  The NovioSense Glucose sensor is a small flexible device that sits in the lower eye lid and continually measures glucose levels in tear fluid. The device is powered and data is read out by means of a wireless protocol compatible with that used in NFC enabled mobile phones. The device can measure both continually and on demand.

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