Funded Projects

NWO Perspectief PLatform

NovioSense, TUDelft, NedCard and Adidas Team up to develop new sensors for use in sports. 

Every year, there are 4.5 million sports-related injuries in the Netherlands, accounting for 5 million euros in direct medical costs. Half of these injuries could potentially be prevented through effective support and self-management. In a new, wide-ranging research project, universities, businesses and sports organisations are set to join forces in an effort to reduce this large number of sports injuries with the help of technology. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is providing a grant of 4 million euros to support the project. In addition, businesses and sports organisations are jointly investing 2.2 million euros in the project.


BIOGEL was set up to educate 14 young scientists to develop innovative hydrogel chemistries and systems for biomedical applications. Functional and responsive hydrogels, which resemble specific properties of the extracellular matrix, will be engineered to: (I) enhance the efficacy of medical devices by 2D biointegrative coatings (II) advance therapeutic measures by 3D templates for tissue repair (III) enable new diagnostic tools by responsive diagnostic hydrogels The program is focused on synthetic and biohybrid macromolecules to build clinically translatable hydrogels that direct and orchestrate the interface with biomolecules, living cells, and tissue. 


NovioSense was an associated partner and Dr. Christopher Wilson a Priniciple investigator in the Marie Curie Actions project iTERM. The overarching scientific objective of iTERM was the development of new materials and implants for the bio-engineering of soft tissue (skin, urogenital) and hard (bone) tissue as well as state-of-the-art novel multimodality visualisation procedures to monitor the behaviour of the implants. Usage of a wide breadth of technologies is required to reach this goal.

iTERM Marie Curie Program principle investigators and Students

NovioSense InterRegio IVA Project

Under the InterReg IV A umbrella project telemedicine NovioSense will begin development of its tear glucose sensor together with Fraunhofer IMS and the University of Duisburg Essen in Duisburg, Radboud University in Nijmegen and Interface Biomaterials in Maastricht.  The 1.6M Euro subsidy was used to develop the first fully functional protype and in-vivo testing of the sensor device.