Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of common questions we have encountered relating to our technology.

A spring in my eye doesn’t that hurt?

Although a spring in your eye may not sound very comfortable we coat our devices with a soft layer that hydrates and swells to form a smooth interface between your eye and the sensor. Think of it as a cushion that protects the surface of the eye from irritation.

Is there a correlation between blood and tears?

Yes there is. Because of the physiological mechanism that produces tears the changes in glucose levels in tears reflects that of the blood all be it quite a lot lower.  We and others have shown through pre-clinical and clinical testing that there is a correlation between blood and tears. As blood glucose increases so does tear glucose and vice versa as blood glucose decreases so does the tear glucose.

Are all tears equal?

Not quite.  When you cry or try to stimulate tear production then the composition of tears can change significantly.  This is why we measure only base tears. By placing the device in the lower eye lid we measure only the base flow of tears in this protected pocket between the eye lid and the surface of the eye.

When can I buy one?

We are working hard to finalise the development of our device and have begun the clinical testing phase of development. As we continue our development we will be looking for volunteers to test our device in a  range of controlled clinical trials.

Why can’t I buy one now?

In order to develop a medical device that complies with the laws controlling the sale of such devices around the world we need to demonstrate that not only does our device work but that it is safe and that each device acts the same as all of the others. To do this we have to go through a lengthy process of testing and validation to prove this.  We aim to launch our device in 2020. Please keep checking back for more information.

How long can I use it for?

We want to give at least 2 weeks of wear time per sensor at launch. It is our goal to extend this lifetime in subsequent versions of the technology.

How do I see my blood glucose reading?

From the ground up we have developed this device to be compatible with NFC technology found in many smart phones.  This means that as well as our dedicated reader system you can monitor your glucose levels with your smart phone.